Free/Reduced Lunch

Who should fill out a free/reduced lunch application?

Everyone (even if you don’t think you qualify). Free and reduced benefits help the District qualify for more grants that will benefit all students academically.

If my student qualifies for free or reduced lunch and brings a lunch from home, does my child still get a free milk?

No. In order to get a free milk, Elementary/Middle/High School students must take three items that are offered (one of them must be ½ cup fruits or vegetables). Preschool students must take at least one item other than milk.

When can I apply for free/reduced lunch?

At any time during the year. If your previous application was denied, please apply again if you have a change (decrease) in income during the same school year.

You must apply every year. Benefits only last for that year. Your benefit will carry over to the next year, however, they expire 30 days after the first day of the new school year. Please apply again prior to these 30 days.

If my student has a balance, do I still have to pay it if I qualify for free/reduced lunch?

Yes. Your benefits start the day the application was processed. So, if you have a balance prior to applying, you still owe this money.

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