Guidance and Counseling is a program of services and information offered to assist students with their educational,
career and personal planning.

Students can receive help in the following areas:

  • Career Counseling, Information and Planning
  • College Information and Planning
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Information
  • Academic Advising on High School Program to Follow
  • Course Selection and Scheduling
  • Personal Counseling on Individual Matters and Concerns
  • Testing
  • School Records Review
  • Job Placement Information
  • Information on Special Educational and Training Programs

Contact Information

Rod Kitzmiller
College Access Coordinator
(989) 643-7231, ext. 206


Jenell Barker
K-12 Counselor
(989) 643-7231, ext. 272 

Merrill Community Schools
555 W. Alice St.,  Merrill, MI 48637
Phone: 989-643-7261
Fax: 989-643-5570


As a school community, we believe in the importance of cultivating creative compassionate leaders prepared for lifelong success by fostering the intellectual, emotional, and physical well being of each individual.



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